Sports and Children's Foot Clinic - 15+ years experience

Sports Podiatry, Paediatrics, Nail Surgery, Orthoses (arch supports), Biomechanical assessments and General Podiatry.

Sports Podiatry


Advise on best footwear for your  foot type.  Diagnosis and treatment of aches, strains and pains in the feet legs and knees that maybe associated with poor foot mechanics.  Common foot complaints treated achilles tendonitis, arch pain, flat feet, bunions, blisters, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, shin splints, claw toes and pain under balls feet.

Foot orthoses / arch supports


NEW 3D Delcam icube foot scanner.

Precision made orthoses for all foot types and activity levels

 Custom-made devices to correct your foot posture can successfully alleviate pain in your feet, knees, hips and lower back.  Custom orthoses involve a full biomechanical assessment, tailored prescription and plaster cast to ensure the device is made perfectly to fit your foot.  Common problems orthotics are used to help include: heel pain, flat feet, sore knees, plantar fasciitis, ball of foot pain, heel spur, shin splints and bunions. 

Paediatrics - Children's Feet

Children's feet are soft and pliable and can be prone to damage. A podiatry check up is recommended if you notice uneven shoe wear, any skin rashes, hard skin or lumps and bumps. Complaining of recurrent pains in their legs and feet or constant tripping and falling also warrants an assessment.  Common conditions diagnosed and treated include flat feet, in toeing/out toeing, Sever's disease (heel pain) and toe walking.

Nail Surgery


No need to suffer from constant ingrown toe nails.  A one hour procedure under a local anaesthetic can be done in the clinic to remove the ingrown portion of nail and a chemical is used to prevent that part of the nail ingrowing again.  A Podiatrist will tell you if you are suitable for nail surgery.

Treatment of corns, callouses, warts and fungal infection.  Advise regarding appropriate footwear choices for all ages and sports.

podiatry services at our clinic

Qualifications - Bachelor Podiatry Latrobe University

Member         - Australian Podiatry Association (NSW)

                     - Sports Medicine Australia

                     - AASPM 

                     - Bartold biomechanics

Further Education

                    - regular attendance Podiatry conferences

                    - Dry Needling (advanced lower limb)

                   - Foot Mobilisation (Ted Jedynak)

                   - Running retraining and biomechanics

                    - Nail surgery procedures

                   - Introduction to Coaching- athletics

                   - Level 1 track and field coaching ( TBC)

                   - Fitness Instructor- Gym

                   - Personal trainer - fitnation certificate